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forever is over

video experimentation

Axis Thinking by Brian Eno is from A Year with Swollen Appendices, a collection of essays written during 1995 and published in 1996. What must be noted from this extract is that non-manichaean thinking was revolutionary in an era where you had to choose between the URSS block or the USA block, a « polar pair » like Eno wrote.


By analyzing the text and connecting it with others, highlighting the ideas that an object is made of an infinity of dimensions, and, that, axis thinking was created to fill the gap made by « impoverished language ».


It made sense to work on the idea of multidimensional space (more than the three ones), linking it to the fact that Eno’s text contained a vast scientific lexical (« continuum », « polar pairs », « dimension »...).

To create about this idea, it was needed to study a corpus of texts about higher dimensions theories from the XVIIIe’s century, with Kant, to modern days, with Hawking, or Hinton’s Tesseract.

In this video ; past, present, and future are mixed up to show that time isn’t an axis from past to futur, time can stop, go from a moment to another, many different moments can happen at the same time, but, the captions should add more informations instead of translating the visual language.

adobe illustrator / adobe photoshop / figma

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